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MLB: 6/13

DETROIT              4


MLB: 6/15

DETROIT              7


MLB: 6/16

DETROIT              8


MLB: 6/17

DETROIT              8


MLB: 6/18


7:05pm ET


NHL Playoffs: 5/2 –

DETROIT         3

SAN JOSE        4 

NHL Playoffs: 5/4 –

DETROIT         3 

SAN JOSE        4

NHL Playoffs: 5/6 – 

DETROIT          7 

SAN JOSE       1 

NHL Playoffs: 5/8 –

DETROIT        1

SAN JOSE       2



NFL: 4/22-

Round 1

#2 DETROIT- DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska

#30 DETROIT- RB Jahvid Best, Cal

NFL: 4/23-

Round 3

#2 (66) DETROIT- CB Amari Spievey, Iowa

NFL: 4/24-

Round 4

#30 (128) DETROIT- OT Jason Fox, Miami (FL)

Round 7

#6 (213) DETROIT- DE Willie Young, NC St.

#48 (255) DETROIT- WR Timothy Toone, Weber St.

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Lightning Strikes Twice as Fleury Singler/Big Boy Wins Their Second League Championship:

Fleury Singler/Big Boy always likes to have fun, and they showed that as they posed for a picture after become Back-to-Back Champs.What would you hope for as a spectator when two teams meet for the bowling league championship? You would probably hope for the game to be a grind-it-out affair that goes right down to the very last throw of each game. The Superior Industrial League Championship match on Wednesday night was exactly that. Fleury Singler/Big Boy, in just their second year in the league, were trying to repeat as league champions. Standing in their way of repeating were Young’s Brakes & Alignment. "Young's are in the championship game for a reason...they have a great team and will be tough to beat," said Dave Stevenson of Fleury Singler/Big Boy before the match. "We don't necessarily have to string a bunch of strikes together to win, although that would be nice. We just need to go out, play our game, have fun, and make every throw count and hopefully that will be enough."

Scott Young (212) and Bill Larsh (244) had great games for Young’s in Game One, but it was Mark Picucci’s 234 that led Fleury Singler/Big Boy to a two pin victory (1170 – 1168). Game Two saw Keith Dickson (207) and Dave Stevenson (204) of Fleury Singler/Big Boy try to lead the way to another victory, but they fell short losing by eight pins (1115 – 1123); Young’s were led by Brett Young (208) and Scott Young (194) in the victory. With the match tied at one game apiece, it came down to Game Three to determine which team would win the league championship. Scott Young again did his part to help Young’s win the championship with his best game of the night (233). Fleury Singler/Big Boy had other plans however. Team member Matt Rayome said, “Well, we were pretty close through the first two games but as soon as we started having fun and the Bud Lights kicked in, we turned it on.” Keith Dickson (244), Mark Picucci (234), and Dave Stevenson (210) saved their best for last for Fleury Singler/Big Boy as they won the final game (1269 – 1116) and repeated as Superior Industrial League Champions.  Anchor Keith Dickson said of the win, “Honestly, I thought we may have let our opportunity slip by when we lost the second game by such a slim margin, but our team put that all behind them and bowled like champions in Game Three!” Whenever a team member was struggling or getting frustrated, the rest of the team would do whatever they could, whether it was repeating one of their memorable bowling phrases, singing a few lines of a relaxing or energizing song, or simply giving some words of encouragement and a pat on the butt, to pick him back up and to lighten the mood and have fun again. Team member Steve Whelan said, “Bowling is about rolling as a team. If one guy is struggling, the rest of the team rallies around him and picks up their game to make up for it. This is a great team, and we look forward to defending our title again next year!”

Fleury Singler/Big Boy lost one member, David Hoiem, last season after winning the championship when he moved to Grand Rapids. They will again lose another member from this year’s team. Mark Picucci will be moving to Iron Mountain at the end of the summer. “Mark will be a tough loss,” Dave Stevenson said of his teammate. “He was an instrumental part in helping us win both championships just as Dave Hoiem was a big part in helping us win our first championship last year.” He went on to say, “Mark has been a model of consistency all year. He consistently hits his mark, and his ball found the pocket more often than not. When he did leave a pin or two standing after the first ball, he consistently cleaned them up with his second throw…that’s what helps you win championships!” When asked if they’re having any trouble finding someone to join at team that has won two championships in two years in the league, Stevenson said, “We pretty much know who will be joining our team next year. There are two bowlers that will fill our open spot [one being Fleury Singler/Big Boy sub Todd Keough, who couldn’t bowl much due to family commitments] and we hope they can help us try to three-peat!”2010 Fleury Singler/Big Boy team members (Dave Stevenson, Steve Whelan, Keith Dickson, Mark Picucci, and Matt Rayome) pose for a picture after winning their second league championship in as many years.


Fleury Singler/Big Boy Take to the Lanes for Another Championship:

Fleury Singler/Big Boy have a couple words on their minds as they take to the lanes tonight. Focus: the only thing to think about tonight is taking each throw as it comes and not letting anything distract them from the task at hand. Confidence: knowing that they alone control their destiny without being overconfident. Instincts: knowing that every throw can be a big one and thus making each one count. Determination: not allowing anything to get in their way of reaching their ultimate goal...another championship. Dynasty: with a win tonight, Fleury Singler/Big Boy will repeat as Superior Industrial League champions. Their match is slated to start at 6:45pm at Superior Lanes, so feel free to come cheer for them and help lead them to a victory.


Fleury Singler/Big Boy Wins the Second Half and Bowls For Their Second League Championship:

Going into the positional roll off last night, things were tight at the top of the standings. DeMarse Insurance stood alone in first, but Fleury Singler/Big Boy and Duquaines were only 2 points behind and Willey’s Tires only 3 points back. With Fleury Singler/Big Boy bowling against DeMarse Insurance, they knew that their fate was in their own hands.

“How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time.” That was the symbolism team member Dave Stevenson used right before the game to get his team to focus on each shot as it comes and not dwell on past shots or get ahead of themselves. Fleury Singler/Big Boy responded in the first game with 4 of the 5 team members bowling above their averages (Steve Whelan- 145, Dave Stevenson- 200, Mark Picucci- 209, and Keith Dickson- 216). It took a flurry of strikes by DeMarse Insurance near the end of Game 1 to come back and tie the game 1203 – 1203 earning each team one point. With Willey’s Tires defeating Duquaines in Game 1, they moved into a tie for second place with Fleury Singler/Big Boy- 2 points behind DeMarse. Fleury Singler/Big Boy took the missed opportunity by tying in Game 1 and used it for inspiration in Game Two. They put the pedal to the metal and didn’t let up having four more great games (Matt Rayome- 198, Dave Stevenson- 204, Mark Picucci- 245, and Keith Dickson- 193) and winning 1234 – 1129. Willey’s Tires defeated Duquaines again in Game Two to create a three-team tie for first (DeMarse Insurance, Fleury Singler/Big Boy, and Willey’s Tires). Duquaines won an extremely close Game Three to prevent Willey’s from having a chance at first place. With that game finished, it came down to Game Three between DeMarse and Fleury Singler/Big Boy with the winner taking first place for the second half of the season. DeMarse got things started early in Game Three aided by the five straight strikes by Eric Van Langendon and made up their handicap disadvantage quickly (they were giving up 66 handicap pins each game). Fleury Singler/Big Boy continued to battle and overcame their early struggles. They went on to take the last game 1103 – 1020 and winning the second half championship. “It’s always a battle against DeMarse Insurance,” said Anchor Keith Dickson. “They’re a great team and always tough, and the third game was anyone’s for the taking. Steve [Whelan] struggled a little after Game 1, but his spare in the ninth frame of Game Three emotionally charged our team and helped pave our way to the victory.” Fleury Singler/Big Boy will now play first half champion Young’s for the league championship next Wednesday at 6:30pm. Come cheer them on if you’re in the area and have some time.


Fleury Singler/Big Boy In a Familiar Position:

In the last week before the positional round and still tied for second (three points out of 1st), Fleury Singler/Big Boy had a big match against a faltering team. Young Guns, once near the top of the leader board, has free fallen in the last few weeks. Young Guns always seems to pick it up against the defending champs however, and that didn’t change again this week. Fleury Singler/Big Boy had Todd Keough bowling this week in place of Matt Rayome, who was on vacation. All five of Fleury Singler/Big Boy’s bowlers bowled above their average in the first game (Keith Dickson- 245, Dave Stevenson- 221, Mark Picucci- 190, Steve Whelan- 166, and Todd Keough- 148) as they won 1268 – 1221. Game Two was a little tighter as both teams struggled a little. Mark Picucci led Fleury Singler/Big Boy to the 1131 – 1108 victory with his 206. And in spite of Keith Dickson bowling a 227 in Game Three, Young Guns had many of their bowlers bowl above their averages on their way to a 1193 – 1131 victory. With Young Guns coming up big in the last game, Fleury Singler/Big Boy almost lost the lead in overall pins 3530 – 3522.

First place Duquaines struggled again this week as they only managed to take 2 points against the BYE. DeMarse Insurance took advantage of Duquaines only taking 2 points and Fleury Singler/Big Boy taking 5 points by taking all 7 points and possession of first place. Fleury Singler/Big Boy now finds themselves in a tie for second place with Duquaines. This is a familiar position for Fleury Singler/Big Boy, as they were tied for second going into the second-half positional round last year as well before winning in an extra roll-off against Auto Spa. They would later defeat first-half champion Holiday Inn for the league championship. Dave Stevenson said of the upcoming week, “We can’t leave anything to chance this week. We should be bowling out of the second position against DeMarse, and we need to take all 7 points. That way the worst we can do is still be tied with Duquaines and have another roll-off should they take all 7 points against Willey’s Tires.” We’ll soon see if history repeats itself.

Note: Fleury Singler/Big Boy took 5 of a possible 7 points against DeMarse Insurance in their last match on February 10.


Fleury Singler/Big Boy Take Five And Within Striking Distance of First Place:

Fleury Singler/Big Boy had another big matchup this week as they were facing the team that took 5 of 7 points from first place Duquaines the previous week. Trying to make up 90 handicap pins wouldn’t make the task any easier. Fleury Singler/Big Boy put their foot on the gas and never looked back in the first game winning 1198 – 1082. The team was led by Keith Dickson’s 222 pins followed by Dave Stevenson’s 199, Mark Picucci’s 193, and Steve Whelan’s 191. The strikes weren’t flowing as often in Game Two. Fleury Singler/Big Boy made things close with a big finish but still lost 1108 – 1124. Stevenson contributed a 196 in the loss. Game Three saw most of the bowlers struggle a little as the lanes dried up a little at a time except for Matt Rayome (212) and Stevenson (205). Fleury Singler/Big Boy took the final game 1155 – 1065. The two victories and winning the overall pin count 3461 – 3271 gave Fleury Singler/Big Boy another 5 points for their team. First place Duquaines struggled again this week by only taking 2 points, leaving Fleury Singler/Big Boy and DeMarse Insurance, who also took 5 points last night, still tied for second and 3 points out of first. With one more week before the positional round, Fleury Singler/Big Boy just needs to focus on one game at a time. Dave Stevenson said of the night, “It was great to get a couple of victories and make up some more ground on Duquaines tonight. We can only control how we bowl. We just need to focus on our matches and just let everything else fall into place.” He went on to say, “I think it’s harder to stay focused when you’re paying attention to what the other teams around you in the standings are doing. I think Duquaines has been doing that the past couple weeks, and it has been affecting them negatively.” Anchor Keith Dickson added, "Eerily similar to last year's final push, we can only hope we finish the same way we did last year...with a championship!"