Formula One Racing is Interesting

My boyfriend and I met for the first time a couple of months ago. A fast food place got our orders mixed up, and somehow that is what linked us together. There was just instant chemistry, and we started seeing each other exclusively about three weeks later. We have so much in common, but there are a few things that we were pretty clueless on too. He is a fan of Formula One racing, and I had never even seen a race let alone knew anything about the sport or the drivers themselves.

I watched my first race with him though, and his enthusiasm was quite contagious. It was pretty interesting, much more than what I ever expected it to be. I thought it was just going to be guys going around a track, seeing who could be the fastest of all. Well, that is actually what it is about, but there is so much more to the dynamics too. My boyfriend has followed Formula One racing all his life, so he was able to tell me some really interesting facts about it along with some tidbits of information about his favorite driver.

I am not the type of person to do something just because a guy I like is interested in it. There has to be a spark there for me too, otherwise I am just going to be bored silly. I have no idea if I would have found Formula One racing interesting on my own or if it would have been boring, but he made the sport come alive for me. Since I have only seen a couple of races so far, I have a long way to go to become a super fan like him. However, I think that he is going to be by my side and help me appreciate this racing sport even more now!