How to get involved in sport

The UK is watching the Women’s Football World Cup closely as our national team are faring incredibly well. It will be interesting to see whether their success on the pitch sees more ad more people taking up sport.. The London 2012 Olympic Games was meant to deliver a lifetime legacy of getting everybody involved in sport. This has yet to happen, so it will be interesting to see if other sporting events can have an impact. Participating in sport is important for children and young people, and here we look at getting them involved in all sports, both in competitive tournaments and in training sessions using methods such as tag rugby and field hockey drills.


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As a result of the Rugby World Cup back in 2015, England Rugby offered grants to clubs, schools and colleges to help grow participation in the game through improved facilities. It is hoped that this will encourage more young people to take part as well as encourage more organisations such as schools and colleges to offer rugby.

Individual Sports

The main problem with children and young people taking up an individual sport is that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Sport England has been offering children who are not particularly ‘sporty’ the chance to try out a number of different sports, and this is probably the best way for children to pursue individual sports. If they do not have a go, then they don’t know whether they will like it or be good enough to continue with it competitively.

Team Sports

Team sports have been commonly offered by schools and colleges, but there are also many clubs for various sports throughout the country that have sections for children and young people and that are bringing sport into the local community.

Whatever sport you take part in, it will involve training as well as playing competitively. Training could take the form of something such as rugby or football practice as well as specific drills that may be need for the position that you play in. It is important to have the right equipment and Football Training Kits such as the ones you can see at in order to be able to do this successfully.

Whether your child participates in a individual sport such as athletics or a team sport such as rugby, football or hockey, it is important to encourage and nurture their desire to join in and get involved.