Lewis Hamilton calls for greater diversity in F1

Once again, Lewis Hamilton has called for greater diversity in the world of Formula 1. He says that despite previous calls, the status quo has remained. Now he has once again raised the point that seems to have become somewhat of a personal crusade for him, and for good reason.


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Hamilton says that in the 11 years that he has been racing, nothing has changed and he is still essentially the only person of colour in the sport.

Making a Stand

The 33-year-old British driver again highlighted the lack of diversity when he appeared alongside longtime rival Sebastian Vettel at an official conference, where he talked to the press about his championship defence and plans for the upcoming season. Straight after leaving the conference room, he posted an Instagram story that saw him highlight the need for F1 to do more to encourage participation from those from a wider range of ethnic backgrounds.

Lewis has won the championship four times and is the first black driver in F1. He is also a fan favourite. His Instagram account boasts 6 million followers, so his call for diversity surely will echo around the globe.

A closer look at the clip

The Instagram clip that Lewis shared showed a 15-second video from the Mercedes team hospitality suite with several people in the paddock and very little diversity. Places like the F1 Paddock Club France have the power to change this. Although the https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/france/ welcomes everyone, as does Lewis’ team, there is simply a lack of ethnic contributors to the sport.

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Lewis said that in 11 years, nothing has changed. There are many jobs in the sport, and anyone with a different background or ethnicity should not be held back; he feels they could easily make it and fit right in. He ended his post with two hashtags, one that simply said “diversity”, and another that said “you can do it” in a clear call to action.

One would think that with Hamilton’s success, there would be greater diversity in the sport by now. However, he still remains a lone figure of colour, even as he embarks on his quest to secure a fifth Championship win. If he succeeds, he will become only the third driver in F1 history to do so.