Slot machines, Spurs lingerie and other strange products for football fans

There’s no denying it: we’re a nation of football lovers. We like playing football, watching football and spending money on lots of weird and wonderful football-related stuff. If something features the crest of a Premiership club, the face of a famous player or even just the picture of a football, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll find people offering up their hard-earned cash to buy it. But what are the strangest football products out there?

Well, we can’t talk about strange football products without mentioning Subbuteo. A test of dexterity, this figure-flicking table game boasts plastic players stuck to giant weights and a ball big enough to crush them. Though you may have thought the days of Subbuteo ended with the rise of video game consoles, it’s making a surprise comeback. Indeed, new sets of this strange table game are being snapped up by nostalgic football fans as we speak.

Today’s football gaming madness continues at online casino sites like You can find hundreds of slot machines based around the beautiful game these days. One of the strangest has to be Benchwarmer Football Girls. Soccer match meets lad mag in this bizarre slot that lets you stake as little as a penny per spin to try your luck with a team of cheeky footie girls.

And whilst we’re on the subject of cheeky football girls. . . Have you seen the collection of lingerie on sale on the official Spurs Shop? That’s right. You can buy matching bras, kickers and garters featuring the Tottenham Hotspur badge.

If you think it can’t get any weirder than slots, Subbuteo and Spurs lingerie, check out our list below for more strange football products.